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Twin/Triplet Test
Twin/Triplet Test
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Twin/Triplet Test

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Did you know that for 70% of same-sex twins, an examination of the placenta and foetal membranes at birth will not yield conclusive information about whether they are identical or not? This is because twins can implant so closely together in the womb that their placentas fuse, giving the appearance of a single placenta.*

Twin DNA testing accurately confirms if the twins are identical (monozygotic twins) or non-identical (fraternal or dizygotic twins). Identical twins will have the same DNA profile, while non-identical twins will have different DNA profiles.

Samples are easily collected by you in your own home. The results of twin/triplet testing cannot be used for legal purposes, and are simply for your information.



This Twin/Triplet testing kit contains testing for two ($165) or three ($245) people.

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* Information obtained from the Australian Twin Registry

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