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Immigration DNA Testing
Immigration DNA Testing
Immigration DNA Testing
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Immigration DNA Testing

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"Thank you so much for making this part of our journey easy, it has always been a pleasure dealing with you!" Agatha, SA

DNA tests for immigration purposes are performed when a visa or citizenship applicant is required to provide the Department of Home Affairs (formerly known as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection) with evidence of a biological relationship between two or more people.

The Department endorses DNA testing as a reliable means of providing evidence of a claimed biological relationship and may suggest that visa or citizen applicants undertake a DNA test when documentation, such as birth certificates, is not satisfactory evidence of the claimed relationship. Identilab meets the Department of Home Affairs' requirements for DNA testing and sample collection locally and abroad, and has extensive experience in liaising with Australian Embassies, High Commissions, Consulates and approved panel physicians for overseas clients.

If you require a paternity test to determine whether a man is the true biological father of a child, or a maternity test to determine whether a woman is the true biological mother of a child, please complete the details below to initiate your test. You must also upload a copy of your Letter of Offer below, email it to or post it to PO Box 151, Rochedale South QLD 4123. This helps direct us in our testing, particularly if any participants are located overseas. 

If you require extended relationship testing for immigration purposes, such as sibling, aunt/uncle-niece/nephew, or grandparent-grandchild testing, please contact us on 1300 114 294 or via our contact page and we will tailor a package to your specific situation.

After we receive your application for testing, your collection kits will be sent straight to your home that same day if ordered by 1pm on a weekday (for participants located within Australia). If you are located in Brisbane, we can collect your samples in our office at no charge (please call 1300 114 294 for an appointment). Collection kits for overseas participants will be sent to a Home Affairs outpost or approved panel physician, as directed by the Department. Home Affairs will coordinate the collection appointments for these participants. Please note that there may be fees payable directly to the sampler for your collection appointment that are not covered by Identilab testing fees.

Immigration DNA Test Results

Once we have all the samples at the lab, we’ll perform our testing as quickly as possible. You’ll receive your results via email within 5 business days of us receiving your samples (providing the samples are of good quality and additional testing is not required). We will also send the results directly to the Department of Home Affairs.

This Immigration parentage kit contains testing for the known parent, the alleged parent and one child (additional children can be tested for $195 each).

Don't want to order online or wish to pay in instalments? Download and complete our application form and return it to us via email, fax or post.

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