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Extended Relationship/Kinship Test
Extended Relationship/Kinship Test
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Extended Relationship/Kinship Test

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A DNA Relationship or Kinship test determines the likelihood of a genetic relationship between two or more people by examining the amount of DNA they have in common. Kinship testing performed by Identilab can determine the following biological relationships: 

  • siblings

  • half siblings

  • aunt/uncle - niece/nephew

  • grandparent-grandchild

It is important to note that this type of testing will not provide a yes or no answer as to whether the tested people are related or not. Instead, the results will say if it is likely. There are three possible outcomes of kinship testing at Identilab:

1. We find support for the tested relationship, that is, it is likely that the tested people are related.

2. The results are inconclusive, that is, we didn’t find evidence for or against the tested relationship. This means we cannot confidently state whether any DNA that is shared between the two individuals is because they are related, or because those DNA markers are common in the general population and are shared by chance. 

3. We find no support for the tested relationship, that is, it is unlikely that the tested people are related. 

We also offer Y-STR testing, which is useful in determining whether male participants come from the same paternal line. Most often, this test is used when two males want to know if they have the same father but he is not available for testing. Other types of kinship relationships between males can also be tested, such as testing a paternal grandfather against a grandson. 

Identilab kinship tests can be conducted either at home (for results that can be used for peace of mind) or collected by an independent party which may be used for legal purposes.

As extended relationships can be quite complicated, please contact us on 1300 114 294 or by clicking the MAKE AN ENQUIRY button below and we will tailor a package to your specific situation.

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