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Paternity & DNA Testing In Sydney

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Paternity & DNA Testing In Sydney 

Identilab is an Australian based DNA testing laboratory, offering DNA & Paternity testing throughout Australia, including all suburbs of Sydney, NSW.

We’ve made the process of obtaining highly accurate DNA and Paternity testing in Sydney simple via our convenient sample collection kits -  which can be completed at home (for peace of mind parentage tests), or by your local medical professional (for legally admissible DNA tests).

Delivery of our DNA & Paternity testing kits to Sydney typically takes 1-4 business days, with an Express Post option available. Once we receive your completed samples back in our Australian laboratory, you’ll receive your results via a detailed report within 5 business days (providing the samples are of good quality and additional testing is not required).

Our legally admissible DNA testing is NATA accredited, simply meaning that it meets all the requirements of the Family Law Regulations 1984 (Cth) and can be used in Family Court where there is a dispute about parentage.

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At Home Parentage Test - from $265

Legally Admissible Paternity Test - from $495

Immigration DNA Testing - from $495

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