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Do not eat, drink, smoke or clean your teeth for at least 30 minutes prior to collection. Complete the information on the gold-coloured envelope and don't forget to label the sample collection card.

Now you're ready to complete Steps 1-3.


Peel open the swab packet and remove the swab without touching the round head. Only hold the swab by the plastic handle. Place the swab head inside the mouth and rub it firmly on the inside of the cheek and along the gum line. Do this for approximately 15 seconds on one side of the mouth and then repeat on the other side.

Young children can be a little unsure, so try and make a game out of it, like pretending to clean their teeth!


Lift the paper cover of the sample collection card to expose the pink collection area. Press the swab head firmly onto the inside of the circle (do not rub). Turn the swab over and repeat with the other side. The circle will turn from pink to white when the sample is transferred.

Dispose of the swab in the bin.


Allow the sample collection card to dry. Do not touch any part of the card where the sample has been deposited.

Once dry, place the card inside the gold-coloured envelope for that person. Seal the envelope. Samples may remain at room temperature following collection.

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