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Peace of Mind Parentage Test
Peace of Mind Parentage Test

Peace of Mind Parentage Test

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A paternity test determines whether a man is the true biological father of a child. Similarly a maternity test determines whether a woman is the true biological mother of a child. Children inherit half their DNA from their mother and half from their father. A comparison of a child’s genetic profile with that of the alleged father or mother determines how likely it is that the child inherited their DNA from them.

Identilab maternity and paternity test kits are sent to your home where the samples are easily collected by you. The results of peace of mind paternity/maternity tests cannot be used for legal purposes, as the identities of the people taking part in the DNA tests have not been confirmed by an independent person. The results provided from the test are for your personal knowledge only.

Do you need your results for legal purposes, such as for Family Court, changing a birth certificate, or for child support claims? If yes, you will need our legally admissible test

This peace-of-mind parentage kit contains testing for the known parent, the alleged parent and one child (additional children can be tested for $140 each).

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