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How Long Does A Paternity Test Take?

In 2022, the standard processing time for a paternity test conducted by Identilab is 5 business days after receiving samples in our Lab. We also offer an express testing option, providing you with paternity test results within 2 business days of us receiving your samples, for an additional fee. 

Read on to learn more about the steps involved in receiving your paternity test results. 

The process of having a DNA test performed at Identilab - from ordering a test to getting your results - involves many steps and depends on multiple factors. A lot of people think that it all happens very quickly, and they can have their results instantly, probably because they’ve seen it happen like that on TV. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Our standard processing time is 5 business days after you have received confirmation that your samples have arrived back in our laboratory for analysis (providing the samples are of good quality and additional testing is not required).

Mailing Out Your Sample Collection Kit

Once we receive your order online, via email or over the phone, we prepare a sample collection kit and send it out to you with Australia Post. Orders received on a weekend or after 2pm on a weekday (Brisbane time) will be sent the next business day. For clients in Australia, depending on whether you choose Express Post or regular Priority Post, it could take about a week to receive your kit in the mail.

We use DHL Express to send collection kits overseas for clients who are having DNA testing performed for immigration purposes. The time it takes to deliver a sample collection kit to an overseas location depends on how long it takes to receive confirmation from the Department of Home Affairs as to where the kit should be sent, and where in the world the clients are located.

If you’re local to the Brisbane area, you can book a FREE collection appointment at the Identilab laboratory and cut out the transit time for your DNA sample collection to get to you.

Sample Collection

If you’ve ordered a Peace of Mind test, you can collect your DNA sample as soon as you receive your collection kit in the mail, and you can even send it back to us the same day with the supplied reply paid envelope. If you’ve requested a legally admissible test, you will need to organise a sample collection appointment with a medical professional (we recommend your regular family GP, clinic nurse, or select pathology collection centres). Identilab does not organise this appointment for you. Collection appointments for overseas clients who are having DNA testing for immigration purposes are scheduled by the Department of Home Affairs and can take several weeks to organise.  

Once the sample has been returned to our laboratory, we will contact you via email to let you know we have received it. If all samples for your case have been received, processing will begin. 

Laboratory Processing

The lab process involves multiple steps. We start by amplifying specific DNA markers in each sample, which copies them over and over again to obtain enough genetic material for analysis. We then run the samples on specialised equipment to obtain your DNA profile.

Our scientists carefully examine the DNA profiles in a computer software program to ensure the profiles are of sufficient quality. If they are not, we may have to process your sample(s) again, which will add to the time it takes to receive your results. Once we know a sample is of good quality and can be used, we perform our comparisons to see if the DNA evidence supports the relationship being tested or not. All this information is then compiled into a report for you.

Sending Out Your Reports

Before being released to you, your report is reviewed by another scientist to ensure that all processing has been performed correctly and the results are accurate. The results are then emailed to you as soon as the review process has been completed.

Please call us on 1300 114 294 or email us at if you have any questions about our processing times.


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